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Auctiva Commerce Unavailable

Auctiva Commerce

Auctiva Commerce was officially sunset August 31, 2022.  We have moved to and currently support our next generation e-commerce storefront solution, Storenvy. If you are looking to open a new e-commerce storefront, give Storenvy a try.

About Storenvy is home to emerging brands and inspired sellers. They believe every product has a story–where it's been, how it came to be, who made it, and why. Storenvy invites people who truly love what they do and what they sell to open up a store and join their marketplace. They want to help passionate sellers build their brand, make a profit, and grow their dream business. Like Auctiva Commerce, Storenvy is also a MoreCommerce storefront solution, which means the Storenvy team is very knowledgeable about Auctiva Commerce and can help you with the transition. Follow our help guide to see how to get started selling on Storevny Storefronts and Storenvy Marketplace, or contact the Storenvy team at to learn more.