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Remember the time back in 2016 when an unknown brand out of the blue broke the internet by giving away free leggings? Well, the brand is called Girlfriend Collection, and well all know it as a highly successful one for that matter. Due to this highly successful brand awareness strategy, the brand went from an unknown new brand to 10,000 orders on the day of the brand’s official launch.

Such strong brand awareness strategies not only work for the time being but a more extended period until the customers keep associating the event to the brand. Once you do figure out how to create a self-marketing brand awareness strategy, the next sequential step is to know how you can grow your brand forward from here.

Brand awareness is not as complicated, fortunately, due to many platforms now at our disposal. Having a reliable brand and building a trustworthy brand image is vital for a company to thrive. If your customer would not be able to trust your brand, you will never be able to create a solid customer base and, in turn, increase sales.

So what can you do to counter this scenario and successfully create brand awareness? Let’s find out!

7 Splendid Tips to Gain Brand Awareness

Thus here we have compiled seven highly useful tips that you can use to gain brand awareness.

1.     Take the traditional advertisement route.

Have you ever wondered how your favorite childhood brands still exist and are widely known? They are not only popular brands but are even considered some of the all-time favorites, highly successful brands globally. According to recent research, there are supposed to be 5-7 brand interactions before a consumer can readily recall and remember a brand. As per these figures, it is evident that the native advertisement techniques used to really work. What many marketers don’t realize is that they still work to this day. From running ad campaigns on television, incorporating posters in popular magazines, to putting up billboards, all such traditional advertisement techniques might have become the second choice for many brands. Still, they are very much relevant and not out-dated in terms of results.


2.     Brand your packaging design

As per results from a recent survey, almost 90% of marketers say that brand awareness is their top goal. Considering such a high number, you cannot possibly think that packaging is not a part of your brand awareness program. In fact, it is one of the core elements that make your brand distinct among others. Many customers would agree that they associate or remember a specific brand because of how they brand their packaging. For instance, talk about Coca-Cola. It is a globally popular, hugely successful brand that is as evenly known for its packaging design for brand awareness over the years as it is for the beverage itself. Talk about being iconic!

3.     Leverage strong social media platforms

Social media has emerged as the guardian angel for many marketers and brand advertisement agencies. It has become exceedingly easy to leverage social media to become a popular brand in a matter of days. Or even you can be well-known in a matter of hours, given that your content goes viral and you increasingly start getting traffic and buyers. All you have to make sure is that all your campaigns and strategies stay consistent throughout all social media platforms. According to branding statistics published on Forbes, consistent branding across all channels has the potential to increase overall brand revenue by 23%. Many customers rely on such factors to trust a brand if they are consistently active across all channels.


4.     Partner with social media influencers for promotion

As social media platforms have become increasingly popular and the primary source of information regarding brands for people, so have social media influencers replaced celebrities. Today if a social media influencer endorses a product or talks about a brand, there is more chance for people to feel connected to the entity than they would do if an A-list celebrity talks about it. Therefore if you want to increase brand awareness, then make sure you hire a social media influencer with a considerable following. Whether you recruit the person for paid promotion or send them a PR package for an honest review, it is in favor of your brand awareness strategy.

5.     Consider YouTube as your best friend.

YouTube has replaced the status of television in households and people’s life in general. The content posted on the domain has made it hugely popular amongst viewers that engage with it. Hence, it is only fair that YouTube is a marketer’s best friend for gaining brand awareness. From getting a famous YouTuber to talk about your brand or just playing your advertisements across the platform, never undermine how powerful YouTube can be for taking your brand forward. You can even have a dedicated brand channel of your own and post videos and promotional content like ‘How to get thesis writing service?’ on it for customers to engage with.

6.     Build a solid SEO strategy

Leveraging SEO is just as important for brand awareness as any other aspect. Many people tend to undermine the benefits that SEO-rich content can have for you. Therefore, as a competent marketer, you would put in the time and effort in digital advertisement and product packaging. Invest if not more, then at least an equal amount of time and effort for building a solid SEO strategy. From a customer’s perspective, we can easily assume that it is highly unlikely for someone to go to even the 2nd page of a Google search result. Hence, understand how important it is to rake up the top SERP.

7.     Utilize Google’s Adsense Auto Ads

Lastly, organic promotion and brand awareness results are all great. Still, you can utilize Google’s Adsense Auto Ads for quickly getting your brand’s name and website in front of your targeted audience. It can easily help you narrow down your audience pitching accordingly in taking the next step of brand awareness in this process.

In Conclusion;

All in all, it is safe to say that brand awareness is relatively more natural nowadays, thanks to the ever-advancing technology and internet domains. It is mainly now about how you leverage it for your own advantage. We hope that these seven tips are effective in helping you in growing your brand awareness in combination with other strategies!

Author Bio: Claudia Jeffrey is a passionate, brand awareness researcher. She is working as a Linguistic Assistant at Crowd Writer. She writes expert opinion blogs on her platform for a network of an interested audience. Claudia is also a Trainer at Dissertation Assistance, an excellent platform that offers do my coursework services.


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