It's a Girl !!!!!

Hi all, just a quick update on things. you may have noticed that I havn't been in for a while and I had posted mentioning my partner being pregnant and re our house move.

Well, my partner finally was allowed home from hospital with my baby daughter yesterday, she is a very dainty 7lb 12oz, and was born on 28th June 11 at 2.45pm.

Now we just have the issue of moving house to look forward to. As soon as that is out of the way and we are settled I will be back in full time.

Take care all for now.

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Hi all,

Back again - didn't realise it had been so long. Well, Madison is now coming up for three years old, the house move when well and we are now all settled and in the process of decorating and a little over 2 years ago I joined the Fire Service. That was a nightmare, huge ammounts of course work and studying, but finally out of the other side and hoping thing will slow down and settle.

Loving every moment as they come and go, and have finally manage to find the time to pick up with my store again and try to get things rolling online again.

Hope all is well with everyone, What's new? What's changed? How are everyones stores going? I see a host of new names and stores and I see many of the old names have vanished. Frown

Good to get back in here again....

Welcome back Wayne! Good to hear from you.

Funny you're returning and I'm probably leaving. No sales in quite some time so can't justify the monthly fee.

But I wish you all the best and hope you enjoy your girl too. They grow so fast, mine are 9 and 11 and can't believe how fast time moves. It's been hard for me to balance the store with home life as my daughter was diagnosed with Autism -- so life has been pretty much revolving around her and not my capitalistic motives. lol! Wink

All the best to you and I wish you much success!

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