Hi all. I've read the posts in this topic column and they have touched on the FIREARMS topic a few times. I sell all kinds of hunting and camping gear. I realize that there is good cause to restrict the listings of rimfire and centerfire cartridge handguns and long guns. Jeff, what I would like to know is, could there possibly be any way that Auctiva could allow the listing and sale of BB rifles and Air rifles? I would put disclaimers in every listing for the age requirments (18-21) and the states and cities where sales are prohibited. This is a part of youth sports and not to forget our own Olympic shooting team uses Air rifles. I would appreciate your comments if possible. Have a GOOD day!
Jeff Sparer, Owner/ Chillywater Sales
Originally posted by georgeh:
Jeff, we had Jack Ruby items pulled by EBay because they said that Ruby was Jewish, and it was anti-Semitic to mention that he killed Oswald.


When you figure that one out, please let me know, because I sure as hell can't!

Wow, that's insane - it had to be someone reporting it, hmmm - I remember that day, watching on TV as a young kid and I sure don't remember the Jewish part at all. I doubt that eBay is on the lookout for stuff like that. I honestly don't think eBay does THAT much investigating on it's own. In fact, for sure it doesn't.

It's amazing how much stuff is still sold by digital delivery (for example) - in fact, I bought some last week. It had to be a competitor! Argh, I don't blame you for being upset!

I still would like to know about adult items. eBay just has a place you click (I think), where you say you're over a certain age or something. And now they will even take PP. How would that cost AC money on legal fees? I think perhaps it's should be back to the drawing board - if it's going to be even more restrictive than eBay, it's a bit much. It's not an auction site - you can't search among stores apparently, so it would be the site owner's responsibility, not yours. You would be like a host - a host making money off of our sales. If it's supposedly our own site, AC is just a conduit. What legal fees would you require? I've used hosting companies before like GoDaddy that don't give a rip, just pay the annual fees. And there are plenty of "free" shopping carts out there.

I believe we need all these questions answered promptly, since you are launching next week. I don't want to put a lot of work into a store with several of the items mentioned (not adult, but maybe I would add sexy lingerie down the road) if you launch next week. I also have sold herbs (very successfully, btw), including Kava and others.

And perhaps purses clearly stated as reproductions. Or makeup or who knows what I and others might come up with?

This seems to be one of the most active threads, so perhaps a lot of java and some weekend work is required. <grin>
Hi jennyquatro. Thanks for the strong and to the point suggestions. I am going to open the store anyway. I would just like to offer all the items that I possible could on one site. This would be a great opportunity to draw many customers to one site and eventually have all the sites connected together to be searched by any customers who would put in keywords in a search box on a home page to turn up the search results showing stores that have the items that they are looking for. I would be a very happy camper if this was accomplished. List your items and they will come. How about it Jeff? Can we have some clarification on the prohibit list? Jeff & Donna Chillywater Sales.
Hello to everyone that has questioned the "Age Verification" for Adult or Mature items. Out of curiosity I setup a new eBay user ID and went through through the categories e.g. everything else, adult only, collectibles and a terms of use agreement came up that you have to agree to stating that you are over 18, will not allow anyone under 18 to access the material etc... and I had to enter a "valid" credit card, so I used one of my credit cards and half a second later I was verified and granted access to the adult only collectibles category. I'm not sure if a java script would be able to generate a dummy card entry that would also allow access or not. But, to answer the question about how feebay is keeping under aged user out of the adult only area. This how they do it, you agree that you are 18 or older etc... and enter a credit card that is verified. I also did a web search and there appears to be a number of age verification services available that buyers would subscribe to and entry into your adults only section goes through these services for verification and then access to your adults only section is granted by these services. I'm not sure if the pages are hosted on their servers using redirects or if it is simply a user id and password verification of the buyers account with them as a pass through to your auctiva hosted pages. Since I don't list adult only items I did not dig into the process very deeply but there appears to be several ways to go about age verification and while I'm sure none of them are completely effective any of them would show that you as a seller do attempt to prevent access to adult materials by minors. But to be honest I would have to fall back on the saying "Where there is a will there is a way." and count on the fact that a determined minor that wants access will get access by one method or another.
I agree with the "Where there is a will there is a way." statement, as it pertains to minors getting access to AO. But, as AO is a HUGE market, and the commissions to AC would be huge as well, here's hoping AC also has the will to find a way to make it work.
Originally posted by victoraeyewear:
I sell eyeglass frames. Is this allowed??
I set up a beta store, but the link does not work anymore.

Hi victoraeyewear. I don't think you will have any problems with your frames. It is just a few of the other items people are selling that fall into a grey area.
The beta link was taken down to get ready for the stores opening.
Good luck with your store.
Originally posted by OB:
I haven't seen anything yet about digital downloads. Are they allowed?

I beleive that e**y is the only one that doesn't allow digital downloads.
They did that because you could build your feedback.
As long as it is legal to download you should be OK.
I did not know that FeeBay prohibited digital downloads, but since I sell collectible weapons I don't deal with any of the digital stuff and generally ignore those changes. Out of curiosity I did a quick search for "list" and changed the sort order to lowest price+shipping first. Nearly 9200 hits 99% for lists of wholesale and drop ship vendors, the cheapest listings are for "sent to your email download as many times as you want." Of course FeeBay does not end these listings, but that does not mean that they are in compliance it just means that FeeBay doesn't enforce their policies evenly. Although you would think that FeeBay would be even stricter on all of the 0.99 listings than they are on those of us that list with honest pricing and reasonable S&H, but I guess someone selling a million "lists" that violate policies or that are misleading are more valuable to FeeBay than those sellers that are selling a hundred honestly priced listings. Oops, Is my love of FeeBay/PayUSMOREPal showing again?LOL!!
I did not know that FeeBay prohibited digital downloads,

Yes They changed that rule early last year. I sell Cross Stitch Patterns and it Killed my sales overnight. I had to start putting them on a cd and snail mail them, and can not mention email delivery(digital delivery)in my ad.

They said it was a quick feedback ploy. BS! i am not in it for feedback buildup I am in it for Money! It was paying some Bills and GAS! If AC don't allow Digital Delivery I will Not use them! It makes no nevermind HOW something is deliverd once paid for!
I am pretty sure that Auctiva will not ban Digital Downloads because e**y is the only one in town that bans them.
As for the people still selling them you are right that e**y looks the other way.
Look at Amazon, that is big business there.
If this is a true EStore we will be held responsible for what we sell and if it is wrong Auctiva can be asked to take it down.
Hey, today is the 20th, can't wait to see how it goes with the launch. Smile
Scotty, Just remember that today is the start of the launch. Which will be conducted in stages, with beta testers and then working through everybody that has signed up on the list to receive notification. Unfortunately I was not one of the beta testers, but I did sign up for notifications on the email from 12/25 and I am anxious to get started also. I think that it is probably a good idea to start the launch with the ones that had a chance to do the beta testing because they already know the shortcomings that they found in the beta and will be on the lookout for the improvements. Plus I hope that it will reduce the number of support requests that I have to make. LOL
sandrdeco, I was one of the beta testers, BUT I wish I had got to do a lot more beta testing.
I have been looking for a good estore hosting, but some can get expensive fast. This looks like a great idea and a good way to go to a stand alone store.
I don't know how many a day they are going to invite but I have waited this long another day or 2 want hurt.
Good luck and work on your SEO.
The new GoDaddy site is not allowing digital downloads either. But then again, neither are they allowing Canadians. They are looking too much like eBay for me - I emailed in a question and got back a canned response from a robot.
I am pretty sure that Auctiva will not ban Digital Downloads because e**y is the only one in town that bans them.

When the mamma dog leads the puppies follow! Wink I am anxious to see what will happen to the digital delivery here. It is My cup of soup. Ecrater, ioffer, amazon, and etsy all allow it. I may have to open back up with all of them.

I am counting on A C to allow it. THAT is why I closed up all of them and only have the "bay" open at this time. Waiting with high hopes and checking daily for my invite. Eek
I think auctiva commerce is going to be a great service. However they have too many restrictions on what can be sold. For most of you your in the same boat I was in looking for a place to sell the adult toys, legal movies, personal defense items etc. If you want a great place to setup that provides excellent customer service check out Influix Technologies. I am not affiliated with them in any way. But I think the guys name was Mike that helped set up my store for me and everything. Its a nice service and they welcome just about anything. Espically adult toys, etc.
and another confusing "rule"......
Clothing, Used
Used clothing (except underwear) may be listed on Auctiva Commerce as long as the clothing has been thoroughly cleaned according to the manufacturer's instructions. Listings that contain inappropriate descriptions will be ended.

I sell LOTS of vintage lingerie (panties, bras, girdles etc.). In fact those items are top $$ sellers. I don't & won't sell underwear thats visibly ummm... "worn" shall we say? (eeew...ick) but obviously most of these items aren't new in the package.

And does "underwear" mean ALL underwear or just panties?
Originally posted by JennyQuatro:
I see this is still probably the largest thread. It's rather surprising that people have closed stores - losing money before seeing this list that seems to change daily, not to mention having to wait for an invite (if ever). Roll Eyes

Hi Jenny, I shut down all but 1 store because e**y got 28.8% of my sales last year, my worst ever (e**y did good).
I had a estore for over a year and the hosting co. went out. The sad part about it was I made the mistake of registering my domain name through them and it was gone with no way to get it back untill it expired. That wasn't a good option.
A 100% of my income comes from selling on line. As far as shutting stores down, it was a decision I had to make because e**y was making a lot more money than I was. I was losing more money to e**y with stores open.
As far as opening your own store it is a lot of work but you can make a lot of money.
I just don't want to make the same mistake as with the other store.
I guess I should have known something was wrong when I would ask the hosting company a question I would get a answer but it wasn't to the question I asked.
also you could ask them when something was going on line and they would say in a few days (didn't happen).
They were great in the beginning but I guess they got in over their head.
I am just waiting to see what they have to offer here.
I am reposting this question to the Auctiva staff because it never was answered...
In prohibted items, under stamps it says that no fakes and repros are allowed, but up near the top of the list it says coins and stamps that are fakes are permitted as long as it is stated and shows up as such on the item. Which policy will it be? Thanks for your response!
We have 3 ebay stores. In one of them, and off ebay, we sell designer inspired handbags. These are not "knock-offs" nor do they imply that they are exactly like the designer handbag they represent. They do not have tags or labels that would make someone think they are getting a designer handbag. We have had huge success selling them because they are of very good quality and we are very upfront about what we are selling.

In the list of prohibited items it states:

Counterfeit and Unauthorized Goods
Auctiva Commerce does not permit the sale of replicas or imitations of designer goods

Will we be prohibited from setting up our designer inspired handbag store on the Auctiva Commerce site?
This is ridiculous-no throwing knives? No stun guns? No surveillance equipment?
Sorry, I like your listing software, but your prohibited items needs ALOT more clarification.
You sound just like ebay-and everyone has definately had enough of them.
Unless you do something with this list I'll just have to look elsewhere. Very disappointing-I thought for sure you would have saner restrictions.
Originally posted by Auctiva Jeff:
if we are able to use our own domain, we are paying for the software to run the shop etc etc why are there restriced items at all??

Primarily because of the extra legal expense and exposure we'd incur. We could allow all these items but we'd have to charge everyone else a lot more fees in order to do so.
I have my own domain names that I can use for adult sites. They are not going to be hosted by Auctiva, so I am responsible for my sites content. How can this possibly be linked back to Auctiva? Your name would never appear on MY SITE. So what kind of legal fees are we talking about here?
DM, I'm not sure what your question is, as this thread is for the prohibited items on sites hosted by Auctiva Commerce. If your registration and site hosting are not with Auctiva then their prohibited items guidelines have nothing to do with your none Auctiva web site.
So what you're saying here is that as long as my domain names are hosted elsewhere, I can put whatever content I want, as long as it meets my host's policies of course. My hosting company is adult content friendly, so there shouldn't be a problem . Can I get some more feedback on this? I don't want to get all set up, just to be shut down.
DM, Make sure that your not confusing terms here. Are you talking about your domain name registration being else where or are you talking about actually hosting your web site pages else where. There is a big difference between your domain name registration company and your web site hosting company. One easy way to keep them separate is by the fees that are charged, your domain name registration is a small annual charge while the web site hosting fee is almost always a monthly charge. I know that most web site hosting companies also offer domain name registration services, but site hosting is not the same as name registration. As far as the content, you have to follow the terms of service for your site hosting company. The most important thing is to know which one you are talking about. Did you register the name with someone like godaddy.com and plan on forwarding the name to an Auctiva Commerce store, e.g. you registered dm.com with godaddy and are planning on forwarding dm.com to dm.auctivacommerce.com (your actual Auctiva Commerce store URL address) if you are planning on using an Auctiva Commerce store (dm.auctivacommerce.com) than you would be required to follow the Auctiva terms of service. However if you registered your name (dm.com) with godaddy and you are using one of the godaddy hosting options, you would be required to abide by godaddy's terms of service. You just need to know which one you are talking about to know what you can and cannot do.

Hi I have been trying to access the list of prohibited items the link sends my to google docs then says I don’t have permission to view the file it does have a box to click to ask for permission to access which I have done. But think it’s pretty ridiculous if you are going to bring in a restricted item policy you don’t just email it to all your customers. I don’t normally login here in fact I didn’t even know it existed until your recent dos attack and I only logged in today as got a message when I tried to log in to my site that you where doing maintenance so the site was down and to Come here to check status. So only found out about this change by accident. Is there any other way to access the list?

thanks in advance jane 

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