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Hi sweetstopvending~

I'm glad we had a chance to connect over the support line yesterday and get to the root of your issue with your shop not resolving correctly, and most importantly  get it back up and displaying as expected. 

The recent DDoS attack on our ISP resulted in many components of AuctivaCommerce going offline for a short period, and as a result, some custom domains were not redirecting correctly.

Your case helped us discover that some of our users having services like GoDaddy managing Custom domains, may have had them reconfigured unbeknownst to them. 

The result in such instances was GoDaddy redirecting the domain.  In these cases users may need to log back into the GoDaddy account of record and locate the DNS control section, and set the A HOST record to point to and save those settings.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we worked through your issue.

Auctiva Commerce 

Hi the info given above is great for those who's custom domain is hosted by a 3rd party but i am getting the same issues and my custom domain is from Auctiva and you guys don't allow any access to the the relevant settings i.e. the "DNS control section, and set the A HOST record" all you allow is to use the custom domain or not so for those of us that have Auctiva supply our custom domains could you please sort these issues out for us. my custom domain is 

i have already emailed support back re this as was sent a link to this post to reconfigure my domain. and the us phone number incase i wanted to try and sort it out over the phone i am based in the uk so don't really want to be making international calls to get it sorted when i can't access the settings anyway.

thanks jane

Hi Jane,

We ran an update today which has resolved the warnings and mis-matching url errors.

Your domain  is resolving correctly and your site is up. 

Please follow up via one of your support tickets if you find any additional need and our support team will look into any lingering issue.

Thank you again for being a part of our online selling community~


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