Store website has been down since Friday night



Thanks for writing in and sorry I didn't have an opportunity to reply sooner.

I went over to your shop and it is loading up fine for me at this time. 

I suspect there may have been an temporary internet outage or some other technical issue which may have temporarily affected your shop over the weekend.  Please try the standard browser clean up of cache and temporary internet files and have another look.

As of this time, resloves correctly.

Best of sales!~





Hi Don, managed to get this sorted this morning with help from yourselves and godaddy. I had a redirect set up with godaddy that failed as I suspect it was set up 8 years ago and the method for redirecting has been changed??

Anyway got it sorted now, having such a large time gap between us does not help though. Thanks

Hello again,

I'm glad you mentioned that your Domain Registrar is GoDaddy,   I also use that company.

Upon the anniversary of my domain Autorenew, my settings were changed to an odd redirect, and I had to log into my account and make several adjustments.  I did not reach out to GoDaddy support, but if other AC merchants encounter this, it is possible that GoDaddy is redirecting your domain for you. 

Please remember, your DNS A HOST record should be pointing to for your custom domains to render for your Auctiva Commerce Stores.


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