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I set customers up as users over the phone pretty often. After taking their order, it would be extremely helpful if the confirmation email did not automatically get sent to the customer. Often I need to make manual adjustments to the order details which means the customer never gets the correct confirmation the first time.

It appears to the customer as if I just don't have a lot of control over the ordering process at my end.

Thanks for thinking about this.
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Hi dwyercollection -

It seems likely that the reason that the emails are being sent automatically once the order is manually placed is because your email template for "Customer Order Notification" is set to trigger when an order is placed.

In the short run you could uncheck the box beside "Order Placed" trigger for the "Customer Order Notification" template before manually placing an order for a buyer, and then re-check it once the order is completed to your satisfaction, or to select a different trigger other than "Order Placed" for the message to go out.

However, I have passed your suggestion along as a feature request (When placing a manual order, give the seller the option to send the "Order Confirmation" email when placing the order instead of it sending out automatically) to our Product Management team for their consideration in a future site update.



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