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Has AC taken care of this?

UPS® Developer Kit API customers: Implementation of new digital website certificate on

Effective 03/06/18, Symantec will no longer be the supported certificate for or UPS will begin utilizing Comodo as its digital website certificate for all of our customers.

The Comodo certificate is now available on both and

Please verify with your IT resources that you have the latest versions of this digital certificate installed. If they are not current they must be updated or API transactions may be interrupted.
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I am running into an issue with UPS integration. It is not returning my negotiated UPS commercial rates, only retail rates are returned. I switched from a legacy store to a Plus store and wonder if there are still problems with my store set up as well. I opened a support ticket and was told the following by AC support.

The connection for UPS will only return standard data and Negotiated Commercial rates may not come through.

You can setup the Auctiva UPS Integration and if it does not bring the Negotiated Commercial rates, then we do not have a way to change the store.

If you have any other questions or encounter further difficulties, please don't hesitate to ask!

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